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Holistic Wellness and Acupuncture

R.B. – Waldorf, MD

Thumps, our golden retriever was doomed to paralysis by spondylosis. This was before Marcie. With acupuncture, she kept him walking, playing and enjoying life for 2 extra years, before he succumbed 29 days before his 15th birthday.

I’m still in disbelief with regard to the latest thing Marcie has done for me. None of the multitude of doctors I’ve seen since the age of 6, (I’m now 70), has had a clue about my weight problem, including Dr. Robert Atkins. In the past, I’ve lived on 600 calories a day, exercising 5 days a week, with no weight loss. My current doc, said he’d fire me unless I ate 1200 cals a day. We compromised on 1100. Still exercising 5 days a week, I gained weight nicely. Then, my doc tested my Human Growth Hormone, found it to be 50 points low, and said, “No wonder you can’t lose weight.”

I read about HGH and decided I’d rather remain fat than take that. My doc agreed, and suggested I talk to Marcie. She said, “Why don’t we make your pituitary healthy so it can make its own HGH?” Sounded way too good to be possible. Three months into her pituitary product, eating and exercising as before the product, I am 24 pounds lighter, and most astounding is that when last tested my HGH is, to quote my doc, “Smack in the middle of the normal range.” Wow!

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